My Ride Into The Office

December 20, 2010 — 1 Comment

Kodak zi8 HD Video Test

So I have been thinking of doing some fun new video projects for 2011. Through this process of “thinking” about what I want to do, I have been evaluating the tools at my disposal. I put together this short (not so short) clip of my commute into the office. I sped up the footage otherwise you wouldn’t watch past the fisrt 10 seconds, BORING. I hope you enjoy the clip. I am working with a few different cameras. This particular video was shot using just the standard setting of 720p @ 60fps with the Kodak zi8.

I really enjoyed making the video. I made a couple of unplanned stops but I think it added a little bit of posterity as they are stops I would normally make on any given day during the week. I stopped at my sons school on the way to talk to the office about a few things. I then proceeded on to RaceTrac where I filled up on both fuel and coffee. From there headed off to my office for Run Level Media which is located in Atlanta, Ga.

I hope you find my video somewhat entertaining and my feelings will not be hurt if you only watch the first minute :)

BarCamp Charleston, S.C. 2010

*Video* Trailer from the ATL boys @ BarCamp in Charleston, S.C.

In November there was an awesome event called “BarCamp” that took place in Charleston, S.C. I went with a couple friends of mine and we stayed a couple nights. Since we drove from Atlanta, we went up Friday night, attended the event and after party on Saturday, then returned to the Homeland on Sunday morning.

I had imported some of the video footage last week to my laptop and was goofing around with the new iMovie features.  I have to say that I was really impressed with some of the new templates. Traditionally I use Final Cut Pro, or my trusty Adobe Premiere, but iMovie has quickly made me rethink some of my workflow.  Read more to see the video….

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Sparrow Mail Client

December 13, 2010 — 4 Comments

The New Mail for Mac

Sparrow is a minimalist piece of software for Mac OS X that allows you to seamlessly transition between multiple Gmail accounts. If you have ever used Tweetie on the Mac, and liked it, you will absolutely LOVE Sparrow.  Below is a quick video walk through of the coolness that isSparrow. Take it out for a test drive but remember, it is still in Beta. It is currently on the Beta 6 release, but so far I have been loving it like a Dairy Queen Blizzard.

To check out the full review and video, click more…
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Load content using AJAX

December 13, 2010 — 2 Comments

Use the jQuery AJAX objects to call another page after a user action

One of the best elements of having a JavaScript framework such as jQuery available is the browser abstraction. No longer do web designers and developers have to worry about targeting specific browsers, and instead we can focus on enhancing the user experience. It’s generally a good idea to take a progressive enhancement approach despite the wide browser support offered by the framework, however, and this article does exactly that.
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Building relationships is so much easier offline!

Last night I attended an Atlanta Blogger’s event. I had volunteered last week to talk on “monetizing content” and was glad to meet up with some fellow web workers. The event took place at Hudson Grille in Midtown Atlanta. It was cold, very cold, but I enjoyed getting out and had the pleasure of making about 20 new friends.

I seriously would encourage anyone to check out local tweetups, or meetups to get to know some of their fellow hobbyists, professionals, and passion seekers. Leverage each others knowledge and grow your community.

HTML5 New Tags

November 24, 2010 — 3 Comments

Notable new tags you can use – HTML5

HTML5 New Tags You Can Use

HTML5 is still undergoing standardization right now, but that’s no reason to not start using it right? :) Well, you’ll have to decide how much you use now and where. But I wanted to write a quick post on the cool new HTML5 tags and their feature. You can start using these now, but of course they will only work with HTML5 compatible browsers.

Let’s get started with the most important additions and how CSS3 is used in conjunction with HTML5 to perform some really kick butt functionality.

Border Radius:


The border-radius property allows you to define rounded corners on a chosen element. Who doesn’t love rounded corners? Rounded corners are sessay in my opinion. Yes, “sessay”.

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DuroCast Launches

DuroCast was launched this week. I’ve had the lucky fortune of using it since the Private Beta since early this year and have been really enjoying it. DuroCast finally launched and it appears is now open to all. The idea of the website is being able to listen to any radio station that is broadcasting over the airwaves or online though their platform. It’s a really slick idea because on your Dashboard you can create presets just like you would on a car stereo.

Once you have logged in you can search for a radio station by the call-sign, city, state or whatever you can conjure up to use as a search term. Once you find the station just add it as a preset. This is pretty cool because you can setup preset for stations that are in different states and have them all conveniently on one dashboard.  There are about 5 stations I listen to on a regular basis and in the past had to login to each respective website, manage tabs and what not. DuroCast makes it so simple now to keep up with my favorite stations without the hassle.

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Using  jQuery Collapse-O-Matic plugin to create an awesome collapse effect

jQuery plugin for WordPress

jQuery is teh sessay

Have you ever run across a site that has a very cool looking collapsable menu and thought to yourself, “that’s pretty pimp, I wish I had that feature on my WordPress site?” Well, even if you haven’t you can now enjoy the same functionality on your site with ease. Below is an example I have created for you to try out, it is just for a demonstration. Say you wanted to list SEO services on a single page, and had niche’ services but didn’t want them all listed on a long page. You could use the example below instead.

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Part of the Bloggers Handbook Series

SEO Slugs / Permalinks and tricks for WordPress,

Promoting your WordPress blog with SEO techniques

SEO + WordPress = FTW

WordPress allows you to change the “slug” or permalink of your post so you can pull some SEO juice. Sometimes you may have a title that is creative but may not be the best at attracting the search so you can create a custom URL or “permalink” to make it more search friendly.

The title of any post should be concise, relevant and contain keywords to make it more search engine attractive. Preferably any keywords should appear near to the front of the title as possible. For example “Atlanta Falcons Win Again”. This gets two keywords right at the beginning of the title, drawing people in immediately.

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Part of the Bloggers Handbook Series


By default WordPress creates URLs which comprise of question marks and numbers. These aren’t search engine friendly as they don’t contain keywords. So, let’s go ahead and change that, it’s very simple. There are also a number of ways we can have the URLs displayed and or created.

Clean URLs is a great way to organize, and attract traffic from particular search engine keyword searches. If I was going to write a review blog post about a movie and wanted the best chance of people landing on that page it would make sense for the URL to have relevancy to the search.

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