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Optimizing your WordPress settings for success.

This is the fourth video of the [Get Started] series especially for WordPress beginners.

Optimizing WordPress Settings

Time To Configure for Optimization

So before we fire off writing posts and pages in our new WordPress site, we want to make sure we have our settings optimized. What do I mean by optimized? We essentially want to make sure we are optimizing the foundation for success. Our work-flow, SEO, and process for publishing can be much easier if you have everything setup correctly ahead of time.

Let’s start with a setting that catches even the most seasoned blogger. The time setting.

WordPress Timezone

Make Sure To Set Your Timezone!

So if you wanted to “schedule” a post to publish at a certain time and date, it is important to make sure your site knows what time it is for you. Missing this is setting is a common mistake and can be configured under the General Settings of your website.

If you would like to publish content from a third party or remote connection, you will want to make sure you enable Remote Publishing under the Writing settings.

Remote Publishing

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We are ready to bust out the shell and do some crazy WU-TNAG hax0ring!

This is the third video of the [Get Started] series especially for WordPress beginners.

Installing WordPress from subversion

Let's Hack Some Stuff!

Ok, this process will make us feel like cool hackers because we are going to do something very very full of awesome. We are going to install WordPress (Like a BOSS) from the WordPress subverison repository. Why would we wna tot do that Josh? I gladly answer with “because we can, and it’s totally awesome” I hope that suffices.

Obviously this is not the only way to install WordPress. But I guarantee once you do it once or twice, you will see the advantages of this. Here are some actual formulated reasons:

  • Installing from subverison guarantees you are installing the latest stable build
  • You are installing from the server so it is super fast
  • Makes upgrading a snap
  • Streamlines workflow for installing multiple websites or blogs
  • Securely connect to your server without using FTP which is NOT secure
  • You just look cool doing it

I work on a MacBook Pro, but I made a screen-cast on windows as well so Windows users don’t feel left out on the fun.

We are going to run the command from the codex website:

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Configuring your webhost to prepare for your EPIC WordPress Installation!

This is the second video of the [Get Started] series especially for WordPress beginners.

You're Locked & Loaded

Locked & Loaded - Let's Get Serious

So we have our domain name, now what? Well my friends and fellow fraggers we begin by getting our DNS information from our web hosting provider, then we head on back to Godaddy or your respective domain registrar and tell them where we are going to park this beautiful new creature we call our website. (That’s right, LIKE A BOSS)

What we will do in this exercise is:

  1. Create the new web space for our website
  2. Specify our DNS information at our domain registrar
  3. Create a username and password to access our new web Ponderosa
  4. Create a database servername, and database along with username and password
  5. Play video games and frag kids in the UK to celebrate our success.

Ok so maybe not everyone will join me on step 5, but it’s a good way to destress.

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Where Have You Been?

February 2, 2011 — 7 Comments

So uhm… Josh, what’s up man, where you been?

So I haven’t been posting as often on my site as I would like. There are a couple reasons for that and I’m excited to tell you about them. So over the past few months I’ve had a burning passion to write a blog series on “how to start a blog or website” from beginning to end. I was not sure if I wanted to stand up a separate property or do it here.

“sleep is a symptom of caffeine deprivation…” –unknown

Yeah, the above quote just makes me smile for some reason because it has been all to true for me for the month of January. Things at work became overwhelmingly busy, which is a great thing, but bad in the sense it has taken “blogging” time away. However, it has given me plenty of time to think, plan, and lastly I am now in the execution phase.

Scattered Blogger - Blogging Like A Boss

So That's What You've Been Up To?

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The Beginning – You’ve registered your domain, now what?

This is the first video of the [Get Started] series specially for WordPress beginners.

Getting Started With WordPress

So You Want A WordPress Site Eh?

So you have come up with that great idea. You surfed over to your domain registration company of choice, possibly Godaddy like I use. Once you’ve registered the domain you feel great, you smile, and then you realize, “ah man, I have to setup the website now.” Well, if you are wanting to set up your website on WordPress, then this series will walk you through that process.

It’s always fun to setup new websites and properties. What isn’t always fun is spending a lot of time researching “how” to install the web software you need. Once it’s installed, you want to make sure you are optimizing the settings to squeeze the full potential out of the CMS (Content Management System) that will empower you to ultimately publish your content. I love WordPress and this series will guide you through Setting up your web host, your database, and finally installing and configuring WordPress. In the following video I discuss where I’m at in “the beginning” phase of this very website you are reading.

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I got up this morning

January 25, 2011 — Leave a comment

This is me just having a good time experimenting with some video techniques I’ve been working on. One of my goals is to shoot some short films this summer, and I need practice with camera angles, story boarding, lighting as well as editing workflows. I really like the Black Keys and this song gave me an interesting idea for a video. It was actually a two part deal because I also am helping my brother with his website called Guns For Everyone and wanted a creative piece for a post.

I shot this using a Kodak zi8 and was literally coming up with the idea as I went. I did have a storyboard in mind but that’s because I liked the song and used the lyrics to guide the sequence. I used a small tripod and positioned i many different times to get all the angles I wanted then edited the video in iMovie. I love iMovie for editing because it makes the production simplified. For advanced editing I like Adobe Premiere. I hope you enjoy it and I will keep making more videos.

If you are in the Atlanta area and are interested in collaborating on some video ideas, please hit me up because I’d love to start a once a month meetup or something to discuss projects and even shoot some videos together.

Snow Day in Atlanta

January 14, 2011 — 2 Comments

Fun In Atlanta During Epic Snow Week

I had a lot of fun shooting this video as this hasn’t happened in Atlanta since 1993.

Seems like John has some hostile feelings towards Mark Zuckerbergs feelings on going public. Transparency isn’t something Zuckerberg as keen on and John doesn’t miss the opportunity to return fire with all sorts of heated commentary. Since Goldman Sachs’ investment into the social giant it has raised a target for suspicion and satire. If you find this interesting check out my take on the Social Network.

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The Anti-Social Network
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Christmas Video

December 27, 2010 — Leave a comment

It hasn’t snowed in Atlanta on Christmas day since 1882. So I thought what a great opportunity to post a video of this historic occasion with a quick video. I hope you all had a great Merry Christmas and Holiday season. Here’s looking to a great end of the year and all the good things to come of 2011.

Happy Holidays!