Not just for golden ticket holders anymore!


VaultPress launches service for all users

VaultPress is a backup service provided by Automattic, the creators of  I was one of the fortunate few to receive a golden ticket which was a beta release for a limited amount of bloggers and website owners. What makes VaultPress enticing versus using a self managed backup solution? Well, think of it as a conciegre service for your blog or WordPress powered website. Not only do you have someone else worrying about the state of your backups, but you also have that support available to you when you need to restore after a hack or crisis.

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Saving Disk Space On My MacBook Pro With Squeeze!

Disk space is a finite resource that I wish was infinite. I wish I could just download anything, store unlimited movies, music and pictures but this is a fantasy concept for now. I recently backed everything up off my my MacBook Pro to external storage and reloaded the operating system. This is not a fun process, but a necessary one for me sometimes. It gives me the opportunity to refocus by installing only the applications I need to be productive. I reduce clutter and overhead by not installing all the utility applications I often run because they intrigued me.


One particular application / utility I am running though is Squeeze. It’s a pretty awesome application that runs in the background utilizing a very small resource of your system to essentially save you disk space. As you can see from the the screenshot below, that I’m saving almost 5 and a half gigabytes of disk space with this application.

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Keynote at the Digital Summit conference in Atlanta, GA. 5/16/2011

I was able to record Gary’s keynote, but the video and audio are not super crisp. I was hoping to get a seat closer to the front, but this was the best I could get at the time I entered the room. Hope you enjoy.

Gary Vaynerchuk keynote @ Digital Summit, Atlanta, GA 5/2011 from Joshua Chase on Vimeo.

Gary Vaynerchuk delivered the keynote at the May, 2011 Digital Summit in Atlanta, GA. The video and audio is ok, but not great, but wanted to share for those that missed it, or were there and wanted to see it again.

Thought leadership, internet marketing and networking powerhouse!

So I haven’t been posting as much on my personal blog as many of my “tutorial” posts are over on Scattered Blogger, a new blog I started in February. I did write in a previous post on how to prepare for an upcoming conference and how to engage while attending. Today I will be heading to the Cobb Galleria which is a conference building in Atlanta to attend the Digital Summit 2011! YEE HAW! Ok, the “yee haw” may have been a bit over-board but it should be a benefecial conference for network and personal development.

So what the heck is Digital Summit? Good question, I was curious myself!

Digital Summit Atlanta 2011
The word “summit” always makes me think of a spring for some reason..

Join hundreds of Internet executives, online marketers, entrepreneurs, web strategists, bloggers, and investors at the inaugural Digital Summit for expert content on opportunities and trends created by the latest in web innovation. Hear from dozens of industry thought leaders and innovators on topics such as Social Media, Mobile, Cloud Computing, Web Analytics, Online Advertising, Ecommerce, Email, and Search and much more!

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So as a blogger, what can the iPad2 do for me?

ipad2 for a blogger?

Well, it sure is sessay!

Last week I was fortunate to acquire a brand new iPad2 32gb wifi+3g with Verizon. The main purpose of the device is to test websites we are developing for mobile. First impressions are usually the longest lasting for me. This was no exception for this gorgeous device. I have some qualms about it but overall the form factor is exactly what attracted me in the beginning. This is the 6th apple product I’ve purchased in the last 5 years and the experience is consistent from purchase to the unboxing.

Packaging is everything with Apple, and I appreciate that. The feeling of the box, and opening it, all the accessories and manuals are perfectly inserted and ready for your enjoyment. It’s that feeling I had being a little boy and staring at all those presents under the Christmas tree.

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Using Virtualbox & Turnkey Linux To Launch a Fast WordPress Test Environment!

Setup a test wordpress site

ScatteredBlogger on ScatteredBlogger!

Have you been tempted to try out some new theme or plugin that you downloaded for your WordPress website but were to concerned that you might mess something up? If not then you must be a beast or maybe you didn’t know how easy it was to setup a fast WordPress test site. You could use your existing web host to create a new website for testing, or you could leverage the power of free tools to be up and running in minutes on your local machine. (mah-sheen)

Download Virtualbox

Virtualbox FTW

In order to follow this tutorial you will want to download your free copy of Virtualbox.

Once you have downloaded Virtualbox you will be ready to download some virtual machine images or you can create your own if you feel the need. For this tutorial though we will use some pre-built images thanks to the folks over at There are several images they put together for both VMware and Virtualbox as well as ISO files which can be burned as an image and then installed inside of a VM or on most computers as the host operating system. You will want to download the WordPress virtual image for this exercise located here.

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This is a quick tutorial on modifying contact info in your wordpress profile

So by default when you create a new user account in WordPress you have some additional options at the Profile level to add some additional information. This contact information can be leveraged in ares if you have an “author box” after posts for readers to get in touch with the writer. Very nifty cool stuff. However wouldn’t it be nice to be able to customize the fields for the contact information? *This is where you nod yes to your screen*

In this post we will delete and add some new fields so that we can have exactly what we want, and nothing we don’t. I admit, I do still have an AIM account but I never use it because most of the time I end up just getting spammed on it and all my friends are on Gtalk / Skype. I do use MSN messenger a bit too, but the others are my primary choice of online chat services.

Modify Contact Info In WordPress Profile

te hee - I don't use teh jabber, AIM, or Yahoo..

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Lessons I’ve learned attending web conferences

I wrote a post on Scattered Blogger (a blog for bloggers) on preparation tactics to implement when getting ready to hit the web conference season. This is the time of year I start looking at upcoming events and putting them on my calendar, looking at hotel rates and travel logistics. It’s a great way to network, learn about upcoming technologies and just get an overall feel for what’s coming down the pike.

How To Prepare For A Web Conference

How To Prepare For A Web Conference

Feel free to add your thoughts and experiences as well, I love to learn tricks to attend events as lean as possible. Check out the full article here.

Conference preparation can be imperative to a successful experience at any web conference.

Tis the season for all sorts of web conferences ranging from SXSW, FOWA, Future Of Web Design, Web Directions and countless others, not to mention all the smaller GEO based BarCamp & WordCamp conferences that take place all throughout the entire year. If you are a blogger you are probably familiar with Blogworld Expo and several others. I highly recommend attending at least one or two events near you this year if possible. But how do you prepare for such an event?


How to survive a web conference

Be Prepared For Battle! - SXSWi 2011

I try to attend about 4 events a year. I used to help run the Atlanta Linux Fest for a couple years and it is a totally different ball of wax running a conference versus attending. For this post though we will just focus on attending. Amid the excitement we can often be clouded by how to have a strategic plan of action before even boarding a plane or gassing up for that road trip.

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How To: Move the admin bar in the WordPress admin menu to the bottom

you got to move it move it!

As you see from the screen-shot above the typical location for any WordPress 3.1 installation will default to the top of the page. Well that’s all fine and well but I’d prefer it to be at the bottom of the page. I get annoyed with the drop-down menus everytime I hover over them. There are a couple ways to do this, there is even a plugin for it, here.


As you may begin to learn that I prefer not to use plugins if at all possible. It adds bloat to my site and it’s just not efficient to run a whole love of plugins, that is one reason why I love the Standrad Theme for my blog theme. I will get to that in another post.

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