How To Burn Lion To DVD From App Store

December 5, 2011 — 4 Comments

Doing a clean install of OSX Lion on my MacBook Pro!

OSX Lion Clean Install

So Lion has now been out since late July of this year and I have been slow to jump on board. My reluctancy has mostly come from being busy Mon – Fri at work and not wanting to lose productivity, and then not wanting to even open my laptop on the weekend. It’s always a process to reinstall / upgrade an operating system in any environment.

I’ve been trying to ease this burden more and more over the years by using applications such as dropbox, google apps, evernote and other syncing and cloud services. It does get easier but there is also the plethora of software suites and licensing fun and all that junk.

Well, I downloaded Lion from the App store and I wanted to burn it to a DVD and perform a fresh install. I have upgraded a few times and it was time to do it clean. I know it’s “easier” to simply do an upgrade, but I would rather the back everything up and then wipe the disk. In order to do that though I need a boot-able DVD that I can use. Below is a video tutorial on how I did that. I also wrote out the quick steps for creating the DVD in case you don’t have the time to watch the video.. I can be long winded at times.

Step 1: Download Lion from the App Store

Step 2: Right click on the lion download and select “reveal in finder”

Step 3: Right click the Install Max OSX Lion icon in the Application directory and click “show package contents”

Step 4: Open the “Shared Support” folder and right click on the InstallESD.dmg file and open with “Disk Utility”

Step 5: Insert a blank DVD and then click the “burn” button

Step 6: Reboot your machine with the DVD in the drive and hold the letter “C” down on your keyboard until it boots.

You should now be installing OSX Lion!

Installing OSX Lion .. Like a BOSS



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4 responses to How To Burn Lion To DVD From App Store

  1. This is good stuff sir. +1’d end Evernoted.

  2. It won’t work for me

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