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Steam Client for Mac OSX

So after lots of rumors and speculation, Valve has released a Steam client for Mac OS X. Is this going to change the pros and cons in the future when determining what OS platform to select? Perhaps, especially since the vibe online is that there is a Linux client destined to be released sometime at the end of summer according to Phoronix.

I went ahead and downloaded the dmg file and installed Portal which they are offering for free right now. BONUS!. I actually have played it and so far loving where this is going. After downloading and copying over the application I went ahead and logged in to see my Macbook Pro connect natively for the first time.

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So there are those times you wish you could have a cool handy service on standby without logging into the website. Pandora is one of those services I use. I don’t use it often enough to pay for Pandora One although I am considering it just because I’d like to have more “skips”.

If you’ve ever wanted to have the “widget” feature without forking over the dough however, then watch the video I put together below for an example of how to make a custom widget. This process can also be used to really use any kind of web service and post it to your Mac OS X dashboard.

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